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One of TIME Magazines 50 Best Inventions of 2010

Stingray Fluid Blade Disruptor is an effective Render Safe Tool for today’s EOD warfighters and first responders. The Stingray is the only water disruptor available that delivers a cohesive fluid blade capable of easily penetrating steel and retaining the post penetration velocities necessary for IED Disruption.

Unlike traditional explosives, which release energy equally in all directions when they go off, the Stingray uses shaped-charge technology to deliberately manipulate the explosive so that it creates a certain shape when it explodes, allowing the operator to focus the energy precisely where it’s needed.
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Superior Design

The light weight plastic design offers superior performance as a dismounted or robot deployable EOD tool. It is a simple plastic assembly, consisting of a minimum of parts and can be assembled in minutes. It is robust enough to withstand the rigors of deployment without compromising performance. It is the combination of these features that place the Stingray Fluid Blade Disruptor unsurpassed in its field of application.

The Stingray enhances the operational capabilities of today’s warfighter by meeting a broader range of applications with one tool that more effectively disrupts the target using less net explosive weight than any other EOD tool they carry.

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