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In the News 2
Sandia National Laboratory develops anti-IED water disruptor
October 7, 2010 -

Soldiers in Afghanistan have a new weapon in their battle against improvised explosive devices (IED) which kill and injure more troops in that country than any other weapon.

In the News 3
Ten Technological Advances Designed to Keep Our Soldiers Safer
September 16, 2010 –

A bomb defuser could use the device to disable roadside IED bombs by shooting a high-powered stream that splits the bomb apart into chunks without actually setting off the explosive.

In the News 4
'Stingray' Device Uses Water To Separate Explosives From Power Source
September 15, 2010 –

The Pentagon says improvised explosive devices are the primary killer of troops in Afghanistan, but Albuquerque's Sandia National Labs has Found a way using high-pressure water to help soldiers disable IEDs.

In the News 5
New Way to Stop Roadway Bomb
September 13, 2010 –

The Stingray, a device developed by Sandia National Laboratories and an Albuquerque-based company called TEAM Technologies, shoots a “blade of water” at improvised explosive devices.

In the News 6
NM Firm Sends Stingrays to Help Troops
September 12, 2010 –

A New Mexico firm that develops national security technology says devices that use a jet of water to disable roadside bombs are headed to Afghanistan to help U.S. troops.

In the News 8
ZTEC Partners with TEAM Technologies for Parts Procurement via
September 10, 2010 – ZTEC Press Release

ZTEC Instruments Announces Partnership with Team Technologies for Parts Procurement and New Sales Channels via

November 11, 2010

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