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TEAM can quickly fabricate complex parts to a high degree of precision and accuracy.

Our CNC milling machines and turning centers are computer-controlled machines can produce complex precision parts exponentially faster than human-controlled machines. They are also generally more consistent and precise that traditional lathes and drill presses. Our CNC turning centers and milling machines are state-of-the-art and are operated by the most highly trained technicians.

We offer:
  • CNC Vertical Milling 3, 4, & 5 Axis
  • CNC Tool Room Lathe with Live Tooling
  • Wire EDM - Minimum Wire Size .001”
  • Sinker EDM
  • Full Manual Machine Shop
  • Surface Grinding
  • Precision Welding Ferrous and Non Ferrous
  • TIG, MIG, and Class 4 Laser Welder

Machined Part
5 Axis Machining

In addition to our numerous machines, we have added a MAZAK Series Variable Axis 500-5X which has a unique highly-rigid and built-in tilting rotary table which allows work pieces with complex contours and features to be finished in just a single machine setup. It has tremendous weight capacity and increases machining accuracy while reducing cycle time. With 5-axis simultaneously controlled machining the Variable axis is ideal for aerospace components as well as prismatic parts in steel and aluminum which offers the following characteristics.
  • Simultaneous 5-axis control
  • Table tilts up to 150° (A-axis)
  • Table rotates up to 380° (C-axis)
  • Minimal thermal distortion – cooled ball screws and spindle
  • Mazatrol Matrix CNC control


TEAM’s state-of-the-art Machine Shop capabilities are very diverse, containing CNC Machining, Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, Precision Grinding, and Advanced Welding.

For machining hard metals, which are difficult to machine using traditional techniques, TEAM has 2 wire EDMs and sinker EDM that are capable of quickly cutting intricate features. TEAM’s precision surface grinder is used for finishing surfaces to a high degree of flatness.

TEAM also has advanced welding capabilities, with its offering TIG and MIG welding as well as a Class 4 Laser Welder. TEAM has experience welding a full range of material, including exotic materials such as Hastelloy X and Inconel.

Equipment List
We have numerous machines listed in the following table that are used to support our customer base.
5 Axis Machine

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